Love You Till The End

I loved you when I was unsure if you would love me back.

I loved you when my heart broke into pieces because you weren’t sure if you loved me back.

I loved you on our wedding day when you asked me not to settle for the second best.

I loved you when you couldn’t love yourself.

I loved you when you shut yourself from me.

I loved you when you accused me of saying those hurtful words which I didn’t say.

I loved you till I stopped loving myself.

I couldn’t love you when I lost myself.

I loved you when you set me free.

I loved you when you became an old friend, and you finally loved me too.

I loved you till the day you died.

You are the greatest tragedy of my life, and I love you still.


Girlie on the edge’s six sentence story prompt word – wrap

When you pour your love into me, happy molecules overflow from my pores like the sunlight through the canopy.

I look up to you with admiring crescent moon eyes, letting all your splendour shimmer over me.

We are wrapped in this silk cacoon waiting to be birthed into something magnificent with blinding colours.

Who’d have known that we are capable of creating such life and joy, all in a matter of auras flashing and mortal intertwined?

We can’t help but worship the creator creating such divine bond between two souls.

Unity in unison in welcoming a new life of oneness with twinkling eyes and fulfilling smile, we are in awe.

A match made in heaven

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Rachel David


I see all of you
I love all of you

You know all of me
You love all of me

Our vulnerabilities bring strength
Our honesty produces understanding

Your affection springs trust and confidence
I honour your courage and altruism

Your contentment proceeds patience and self control
I am gracious for your loyalty and commitment

Your appreciation for my wisdom
I faithfully be your helper

All is what we have
All is what we share

All is you and me
All is so perfect

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