Gone Too Soon

It’s a sunny morning! April realised when she stepped out the door for her usual morning walk down the bakery for coffee and cornetto. She dropped her rain jacket by the door and launched herself into the warm glow.

After her routine walk, she decided to venture further to the local nursery, maybe, to get a little plant, or just to inhale the prime of spring. Once she entered the nursery, she hesitated. It was busier than she imagined in such early hour of the day. She suddenly grew self conscious over her unwashed face, messy bed hair, and without underwears beneath the white t-shirt and grey lounge pants. She folded her arms across her breasts to create some safety.

Soon she was distracted by the multi colour tulips and grape hyacinths. She reached out her hand to touch the ferns and manoeuvered the pot to read the label – Northern Lady Fern. Right at that moment, her fingers felt the moist and warmth which drew her to an innocent chocolate face of a puppy. Her heart melted instantly and she lowered herself to the level of this delicious ball of cuteness. “Hey, little one! What’s your name? Awwww…you know you are cute, don’t you?”

“Honey!” A magnetic voice startled her. She followed the voice and looked up, there stood a man in tan cargo pants and a navy polo shirt. He was wearing a grin decorated with scruffy beard, just passed the threshold of the five o’clock shadow. Immediately she was embarrassed imagining how he would see her – squatting down in a mess next to the puppy and could not take her hand away from its affection. “Her name is Honey.” He must have seen the complex expression on her face, so gone on to clarify. “And she has your eyes…honey brown.”

“Oh, ok.” She got up avoiding eye contact with him, walked almost in a fleeting speed to hide herself in the tall palms and citrus trees. She felt so bad that she ‘abandoned’ the cutest puppy, but she felt even worst about keeping that interaction going in her indecent outfit.

It had been ages, she finally felt safe to slowly move out from the tall plants toward the nursery exit. Just when she eased up her nerves and started to breathe more steadily. That nerve wrecking voice came out of nowhere, “April’s gone too soon.” He stood in front of her like a pine tree, with the puppy sitting obediently next to him on a leash. “What?” That’s all she could manage to mutter. ‘How does he know my name?’ She was puzzled. “Ahhh…I said April has gone too soon. It’s first of May today already. See, the citrus trees have grown a lot…” His magnetic voice trailed her all the way through the exit door.

‘Don’t look back April, it’s been a cluster of embarrassment. Mother, you are right again. Never go out without dressing appropriately because you’ll never know who you’ll meet.’

Share A Story

I have read Benjamin’s recent post of sharing a video of his ducks. Link here for the post and video.

I want to share my story of a duck experience. A little bit of background may help. I grew up in southern China. I spent summer and winter school holidays at my grandpa’s farm where they had chickens and geese. And my experience with them were positive.

Now I live in the state of New South Wales in Australia. We have ducks here.

Well, I went into a golf course nearby to snap a photo to send to my grandmother in the nursing home in China. I was not a member of the golf club, the only way to get in was to pretend to making enquiry of joining. So I did that. I took the below photo after I walked out of the enquiry office and got to one of the greens which was empty. I tried to snap a few photos and select the best one to send to my grandma. Then I spotted the ducks, I thought they would make an excellent background. There I tried to fit them into the photos.

The next thing I knew was that they were chasing me and trying to drive me off the green. At the very moment, I also heard a man announcing from the overhead speaker “Visitor in the checkered shirt please make your way off the green immediately!”

I look quite relaxing in the photo which is a proof that I am often cool calm and collected in stressful situations. 😀

Cassa at Asquith Golf Course being chased by ducks

Storm Express

This is written as a Six Sentence Story based on Denise’s word prompt- Express

It was close to midnight. We decided to drive to the beach to experience the ocean under the moonlight.

We swam far and deep out of the ocean, exhilarated, shrieking with excitement between waves. The waves built bigger and stronger tossing us to a dangerous new high.

Then came the indigo storm, running towards us like an express train, forcing us to swim for our life. When it hit the shore in such great force, we were spat out like wreckage, exhausted and intertwined, looking like a cluster of seaweeds.

Dim Romance

This is a prose collaboration between Cassa and SecretWriter.

She writes by the candle light in pitch black nights. The thought of his scents and words flames the wick burning in her lukewarm heart.

He lies down, stiff and exhausted from a day’s hard work, covered by the darkness of night. His mind wanders, and he dreams of her as the wax drips down the candle light. There is always this great distance dividing them, just as the milky way joining their imagination and fantasy. He spreads out the oils that collected her perfumes, reminisces of smoothing it across her shadowed skin. Light and dark that makes tiny lit hairs back when they explored galaxies within.

She writes love affair as she lives through every word and punctuation between their exchange where energy takes off in wings of imagination and fantasy. Their story is safely told as the storyteller becomes more and more tangled in the story she so vividly crafts.

Crutch Free

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Grip

Rhyming is like a pencil grip. I started to write poetry in forms and rhymes which guided me and trained me in discipline.

I long ditched the once safe guard. I figured that if I kept walking with a crutch, I hardly walk in freedom.

There are still times I rhyme, given the word chosen is the best fit to the line. There is comfort in knowing a satisfying piece of work finds its way back to basic, the pencil grip.

Sibling Love

The father has two children.
He loves the first born more.
He loves them the same.

The first born is spoiled.
She has been given many and many are asked of her.
She knows her father's love is a golden ticket.
She is wild and prideful ignoring her father's chastisement.

The other child does not show love or compassion toward her.
Instead, critisies her out of jealousy and self righteousness.

The father is in deep grief. All he ever wanted is for his children to love him and love one another.

Writer's note:
This is a tale inspired by Israel and the Gentiles.


The six sentence story prompt – Rivalry

There was a King. His power was no rivalry on earth and in heavens. He became friends with an ordinary man named Abram so He blessed Abram and his descendants.

Now Abram is long passed but his descendants are fighting in Gaza. In the midst of the crossfire, the oppressed lift up their voices to cry out ‘YHWH! Allah!’ The King has compassion to Abram’s sons and daughters and He weeps.

The Effervescent Bunch

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Effectvescent

We are the middle aged youth who are energetic and effervescent.
We take life’s crisis head-on without whinging or whining.
We have enough discernment to choose which battle to fight.
We see wisdom in both the young and the old.
We learned to count our blessings than troubles.
We taste the goodness of life in the most ordinary way.

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