The Invisible Thread

Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt – Thread

Her loved ones and her psychiatrist kept telling her that she lost her baby boy at birth, to be precised, it was a still born.

But she noticed this invisible thread connecting her and her boy like an umbilical cord.

She had heard him cry, coo and breath all time of the day, all days of the week, and all weeks of the year, then it all stopped.

The sense of loss was unbearable for her. Drowning herself with tears and vodka, she had numbed herself to sleep each night for almost three years.

On the twenty-ninth of February, by the Grace of God or by a miracle, she heard her boy again crying, breathing, but this time she also heard him giggling.

Love You Till The End

I loved you when I was unsure if you would love me back.

I loved you when my heart broke into pieces because you weren’t sure if you loved me back.

I loved you on our wedding day when you asked me not to settle for the second best.

I loved you when you couldn’t love yourself.

I loved you when you shut yourself from me.

I loved you when you accused me of saying those hurtful words which I didn’t say.

I loved you till I stopped loving myself.

I couldn’t love you when I lost myself.

I loved you when you set me free.

I loved you when you became an old friend, and you finally loved me too.

I loved you till the day you died.

You are the greatest tragedy of my life, and I love you still.

I Lost You

I lost you

You broke my heart once
and made it whole again

You didn’t love me enough
to make it last a lifetime
But you loved me enough
to release me

Through all that
we loved each other the same

I lost you
I won’t look back to find you
Keep sleeping my love
I’ll see you again one day

S. T. L. 4 April 1967 – 5 February 2023

Valentine’s Evening

The Living Poetry Valentine’s Day prompt – Love

When love is lost, hate is an equal strong emotion to replace love, at least for a period of time in stages of the grieving process.

The willow is wilted by the west wind
A mouse is playing the piano off keys
Spider web covers the couch you once claimed
My vocal cord is rusted by regret

Two mockingbirds are serenading on the sycamore tree
If only I took your advice and bought the bb gun

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