the world is so loud
I long for silence
to be my companion

early mornings
late nights
noises fall off
like withered petals
the world
is beautiful again

I don’t mind
counting breaths
hearing own thoughts
feeling exhaustion
sensing pain

stripped of
layers of interference
soaked in quietness
my soul is


I live with
a house full of children.

They look at me
as I am the pack leader.

I am a submissive
peace loving loner
struggling to keep my sanity
in this turbulent sea.


kitty tangled in yarn
no longer playful

fish trapped in net
no way home

head walked into spider web
no escape horror

chest tied with knots
no relief channel

only your smile
warrants reprieve
releases me from

Drop dead

I ran this marathon
with the intention of
completion in triumph.

I realised in midway
that was only
an aspirational goal.
I had no choice but
downgraded it to
successful completion
with torlerable suffering
of sprains and strains.

I was a wilted desert lily
so detrimentally dehydrated
yet was afraid of hyponatremia.

My greatest concern though
is the likelihood of
revitalisation after
a cardia arrest.

Sandalwood comb

there are days
my hair is overly stimulated
by the human static
meshing into a bird’s nest
wild birds moping around
needle hay prickles

it is for times like this
I need you
my sandalwood comb
to untangle me from
this painful annoyance
relaxing me
restoring my clarity

When in doubt

Thinking is neccessary
over thinking is dangerous
what ifs create doubt
when in doubt
I crumble

Your eyes
behold my doubt
untangle my thoughts
inject a pool of tranquillity
restore my vision
to see what you see
in me

the next time
I am in doubt
I will run to you
before falling