We had no toys
We had no snacks
We had no schools
We had each other
We had the world

Our favourite was
holding hands
lying by the watermelon field
counting the stars
whispering secrets

till dews covering us
then it’s the sun rays
kissing our apple cheeks

You and I

Hope in pain

I am rendering 4 walls

in my heart

because my baby is dying

the anticipating pain

I cannot bear

night is my enemy

it tricks me to hear my baby is crying

I bow my face to the ground

oh Lord!

Your promise of life

will not return void

This is my only hope

in the tomb I am preparing in my heart

for my baby’s burial

from this life to eternity


My heart shattered by his pain

I long for his smile in the shower of your light

on earth as it is in heaven

So young he is, I beg

restore his childlike innocence

wisdom only comes with time

A dying child, a dying mother’s wish and

only hope!