The power of words

Words, they either
build us up or cast us down.

The power they possess
penetrates deep within our spirit.

We sow kindness and truth.
We reap contentment and freedom.

We receive malice and lies.
We project hurt and hatred.

Words, they either
teach us perserverance or
give us excuse for destruction.

In a fallen world as such,
let my words be few if
my heart is wicked,
let me speak in pure intent
if my spirit is angelic.


she showed me the scars
they are drag marks
skin cuts
bullet dents

she showed me all these
with a smile and misty eyes

she told me the blackouts were blessings
memory of her husband taken but not beaten or killed
she told me their six children are blessings
she is wearing the victor’s crown

she is the aunty in her community
children grew up in her street are sweethearts
women with all colours are her sisters
she is the glue bonding broken families together
breathing in new life with her gratefulness

she did not tell people she is a saint
she breaths, lives and acts holy
she is a saint

we put our arms side by side
sesame and banana
we hugged and cried in joy
God made our paths cross
to share worship, praise and


wherever I go I carry your heart with me

the despised, jealous look of people cannot penetrate you
the famine, the war torn cannot waver you
the coldness of the world cannot freeze you
the darkness cannot devour you

for I carry your heart with me wherever I go


let’s shuffle the playlist
Eat kale chips and eggplant wedge dipped in chilly jam

Let’s waltz away in our fave band T-shirts
misted in aromatic oil

Let’s pillow fight and giggle
till our tummy muscles grow

Chase each other
Until we fall in a pile
Laughing on the floor
Cheeks sore from smiling

The thunder of our hearts
Drowns out the music
Gazing lovingly at each other
Until you tickle me some more

Let’s pull down the blinds
Dim the world outside

Let our love twinkle
Stardust falling on us
Echoing the illumination within us

Let us My Love
Let us create the most glorious night sky
All in this place we call

Let’s close the door
And embrace
My love
Shut the world out
And fall into
Our sanctuary in
Everlasting bliss

Let’s close the door
And embrace
My darling
Falling into
Our sanctuary in
Love forever more


We had no toys
We had no snacks
We had no schools
We had each other
We had the world

Our favourite was
holding hands
lying by the watermelon field
counting the stars
whispering secrets

till dews covering us
then it’s the sun rays
kissing our apple cheeks

You and I