Cause and Effect

Why did you deny my talents
I once believed I was a nobody
trapped in my own sanity

Why did you lie about my characters
I was despised by my inner circle
to be an unforgiven failure

Why did you steal my peace
I was terrorised by your pure presence
and poisoned by your every word

Why did you betray your flesh and blood
I was entrusted to your care and protection
in a world that was already cold

Why did you twist a knife in my core belief
I looked into the mirror and saw a shattered self
distorted by your snare

“Hurting people hurt people”


Painting by Virginia Bucknell, you may see more of Virginia’s paintings via: Art Lovers Australia  Weebly   Instagram

Lightning on the ocean

I draw the blinds open
watch children playing on the beach
their fingers digging into the sand
toes getting sun tanned
chuckles and giggles trolling toward me
like the unforgiving waves

I once was that carefree
when we built this love hut by the ocean
the handprints of Lily and Declan
still hung on this silent wall

My mind is cluttered with last night’s terror
as ants lost their scent trail
the drumming in my head lost its rhythm
to chimpanzees’ screaming
prewarn me the coming of the storm

I grab my ears trying to erect the noise
clomp clomp clomp
here comes the tormenting spirit
the lightening flashes are blinding
they are lunging on my head

Whipped me once
Lashed out ten fold
Cracked me a life time

I give in to the chimps
hooting and screaming
at least I know what they are


walking on the pale sandy beach
spotting treasures in the sparkling sun
enough to whisk away the pensive mind

submerging in such shimmer
daydreaming the clouds to be
a motion picture of happy memories

until the edge of a rock or
a broke shell
cutting underneath her foot

the clouds turn into a violent swirl
brown bleeding out into the muted sand
from a place of torment

empty drink bottles
a monster broken capillary face
wild eyes flaming
savage shaking of a slim form

empty promises
an innocent blood drained cheeks
fearful stare vacating
prey falling off an arrow

how many times those cuts
drove her to the dark shadow
ignoring the brightly shining sun

gossamer waves reflecting off the water
old blood fading away into the saline foam
like the broken shells
in mock dismay

Today’s News

The news broke out today

you are guilty as hell

The blood bruises boiling up in me sent my stomach to knots

My heart radiating sharp stabbing pain

The vomit choked my windpipe

The flashback was like unleashed wild beasts attacking me

tearing me to shreds

I stumbled out to the back yard

to the tree I buried the trauma

I dug with my bare hands until my nails ripped off

blood meshed into soil

The news broke out today

so as my secret


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