Before Sunrise

Long Reef lookout, Sydney, Australia

I watch these two
before Sunrise

Knowing my father
values my son’s company
more than the glorious sun
He is an old man
seen many sunrises

My son
for the first time
experiences the magnificence
of a new day
with his favourite person

I love watching sunrise
But my eyes
cannot move pass
the love between them
They are worth
missing the sunrise for

Fly fly away

When I was little, I loved dragonflies. I lied still by the riverbank and waited for them to land on me, and they did, on the hem of my skirt, on my hair. I was amazed by how trusting they were.

Then there were boys who chased them away, from me. I tried to turn up at the riverbank at different times of the day, so the boys could not find me. But they always did. They brought roasted peanuts and threw shells at me, sometimes cow dung. I wasn’t bothered by their ‘attack’ because I knew that’s the way boys showed interest. I was annoyed by their disturbance of my special time with the dragonflies.

One day I told my uncle that the boys threw peanut shells and cow dung at me by the riverbank. He started to take the buffalo for a wash in the river in mid mornings, and my aunties washed their clothes in the afternoons in the river.

I reunited with the dragonflies in peace and tranquillity. And that was the highlight of my summer holidays at my grandparents’ farm besides slid down the banana tree and ripped my skirt to shreds, but that is another story for another time.

Falling Apart

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Rambunctious

Their ten year old boy is dying of leukaemia. He is looking sick and pale.

They decided to put aside their differences and take him to sunny Noosa for a family holiday. It is a huge commitment because they have been living complete separate lives since their divorce five years ago.

The weather has been lovely until they arrive at the beach villa where overlooking the stormy ocean. Not sure if it’s the exhausting long drive and emotions, or the contrast between the rambunctious waves and their departing child, they broke down and sob uncontrollably, together.

A Cold Christmas Day Down Under

Christmas, to me
is our big brother’s birthday
never about plastic trees
bling bling lights
or boxed presents
until this Christmas
in a land far away
you and you and you
are my love ones
I cannot smell the Christmas ham you cook
you cannot hear the carols I play

It saddens me
not to see the excitement of opening presents
not to see the Christmas tree twinkles
not to have a family meal with over sized
of everything being served
without you and you and you
I feel a little cold even
in the southern hemisphere
on Christmas Day

Our tree Cameron – The Green Collection

Cameron has been witnessing
generations of
love and betrayal
joy and violence
secrets and parades
on this family farm

Cameron has been through
all these moments
with our ancestors
Cameron does not shy away
I bet
Cameron is not going to

Cameron has been
providing us with
a safe place for
our first kiss
our first heartbreak
our first family picnic
our first fued
our first wedding
our first unfaithfulness
our first birthday
our first burial

Cameron stays with
all of us
as long as
the sun shines
the rain waters
the wind dances
the snow crowns

I often think
will I still see Cameron
from heavens above