Love is the barricade

I don’t have much good memories of you

Yet you managed to discard things tying me to the few

Do boundaries mean anything to you

How could I trust when I am not respected

You are not a child

No use to throw tantrums to get what you want

Certainly no use to hide your misbehavings

Chance is for whom taking it seriously

Only when I am gone you will stand to be a man

I am the floating jetty

Anchoring between you and your full potential

Mental Health First Aid

I was a bit down


I stuck in that melancholy rug

I even took a walk

to the bluest sky

and bathed in the most

striking sunshine

I restrained myself from

looking at the shadow patch

where no grass would grow

I turned off the sad tunes

of agony moans

I even played aeroplane

when dining alone

So one spoon full after the next

I conducted self care

By the nightfall is

when the vampires roar

I wrote myself a cheeky poem

to dig myself out of the

depressive hole

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