Between blinks

In a blink of an eye
farewelled my childhood
there was more life’s demand
than playing in the sand pit

In a blink of an eye
waved goodbye to school years
there were more knowledge and learning
than burning the midnight oil

In a blink of an eye
jetted off in an aeroplane
there were different palletes of colour
than painting the same lanscape of my motherland

In a blink of an eye
so longed the selfish me
there is another life far more precious
than my own

In a blink of an eye
grieving the passing of my youth
there is room for more wisdom
than recounting the once undeniable outward beauty

Between these blinks
a curious mind explored the world
an earnest student looked for answers
a restless heart searched for a home
a woman strived for being whole
a hunger soul is still seeking peace

Upside down

she is a winter baby
who wasn’t born in
June, July or August

her dream of a white Christmas
never happens here
she survives heatwaves
escapes bushfires
while he flees from the snow
gets cosy by a fire place

they look at the same world
in reversal
day and night
in perfect cycle
they cheated time
so did fickle love

The math in my mind

What time is it in Texas?


Why in that order?

not a conformer

nor a rebel

just quirky a little




What time is it down under?


half of the halves

still half