Nads – The Friendship Collection

fishnet stockings, denim skirt,
checkered shirt and an enthusiastic smile
wherever she goes she takes a fun house with her
others are living the life
she is life itself

on a park bench we lazed about to share
vino rosso e formaggio
watching the blanket of flying foxes take off
to forage for food at dusk
she converted me to a Sydneysider

A 365 day dream

I had two dreams
never thought they would come true
for I did not know one led to another

I had lived in a slumber for so long
never knew I held the key to these dreams
so I was stuck on the detour to nowhere

I was dying of exhaustion
desperately seeking a spring
to continue on the winding road

at the beginning of the 365 day journey
everyday life aroused no emotions in me
all I could manage was
to do the only thing that would
bring me relief to this numbness
I poured out my daydreams on paper

I am halfway to the end of the 365 day journey
the tingling in my brain
the restless finger tapping
the nourishment from the spring
living my dreams day and night

at the end of the 365 day milestone
skipping down the dream pathway
the key around my neck
to the sunlit conscious tomorrows

Accident over suicide


he asked her to promise a lie of a life time
she said
‘I will not lie about a promise I will not keep’

he chooses giving up over surrender
she believes the truth will set her free

The little things

everything is in the little things
the divine appointed coincidences
the forever extended list of similarities
the yin-yang balance in harmony

everything is in the little things
the light-hearted chatting
the effortless sharing
a life together like breathing

everything is in the little things
faithful and loyal stewards
entrusted with immense blessings
infecious smile brightens a cloudy day


we seek the simple things in life
for the pleasure they grant us

we set out on a straight path
caught in a web of entanglement
how our hearts grew weary
our mouths proceeded troubles

we are stuck in the loop
for we lost hope
until we stumble into someone
who rekindles our first love
for simplicity
and the joy

A poem

A reminder pop up on my screen
A check in call is due
A habit of mine
Always check the file notes
A flash of subject line ‘tenancy vacated’
An instinct to open the note
‘Advised by tenant’s sister tenant deceased’
Attila is dead!

A flush of memory of our last check in
A stroke he had
A sequence of specialist appointments
Anxious about his puberty son
Apologise for not coming to the scholarship ceremony
A good wish for my beauty in slurry speech

A last good bye
An end to the line
Attila and me
A client to his advisor

A prayer said to his son
Alone in this world fatherless
Acne face
Angry displaced
A lost sheep
Alchemist in the making is
All I prayed


Would you like to tell me about yourself in 3 words?

I love people.

What was your childhood like and what was the fondest memory?

I was well loved and raised by a village, a lonely child though, enjoyed watching the world and people go about their lives.

Laying in bed next to my great grandmother and listening to her sharing stories of her life.

How is your logic vs creativity?

I was only ever good at Chinese literature and English subjects at school. Did I even answer your question?

At what point you decided to write?

I started writing again when I was floating in life and feeling I was ok to die then and there with no regret. For some people it may sound I was content and lived a satisfying life. To me though, that was like I had nothing to look forward to in life. I didn’t even have a bucket list, not for the reason I had done it all. It was for the exact opposite reason which was I had nothing kept me living on.

In a strange way, I came to the end of myself then something reminded me of my writer dream. I started to follow my dream and I became alive again.

Who are your muses?

I love people. My friends, family, colleagues, clients, characters from books or movies are my constant source of inspiration. And my significant others too, be current or history.

What do you consider your greatest achievement and failure so far?

Em… I cannot see either without lying.

What is your plan for your writing future?

I have none. I just write to keep myself alive. One of my dear friends has been encouraging me for years to pursuit excellence. He saw me living a self fulfilling prophecy life. I was determined to be invisible and a second best. I had lived that life for a long time and it finally killed me.

Why do you want to post this Q&A?

I have people asked me similar questions. But for most I would like to be heard and understood.


You are
the hollow tree trunk to the hibernating squirrel
the sanctuary to the refugee

You are
the axis to the earth wanderer
the compass to the tracker

You are
the magnetic island to the metal particles
the shore the survivor swam to

You are
the tree I swing around
You are who you are
I belong to

Perfect moments

Floating on a lilo, squinting to the clouds, day dreaming…

Sinking into the couch, getting lost in a book, coffee brewing…

Curling up on a soft rug, playing my favourite tracks, fire crackling…

Dangling my feet in the water, watching the fishermen, time trickling…

Digging my toes in the sand, breathing in the salty mist, wave crashing…

Leaving everything, rushing into the storm, barefoot running…

Reaching out my hand, smiling at you, a life worth living!