Chester Gallery

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Gallery

The night made its way into the depth of darkness. 

In the dim light of a kerosene lamp, he plaited the corse strands into resilient strings with his nimble fingers.
He  fervently stretched the anaemically pale canvas onto the frame.
Shades of red mixed in an aesthetic colour palette, he restored each painting with precision brush strokes.

When the twilight arrived, he hung all the art works back on and marveld at his resurrection. 

Curator Chester Gallery was arrested on 13th September 1888 for the serial murders of art students in the gallery where he worked.

Cuckoo Clock

When life was so overwhelmed
she lost the sense of time

she heard his voice whispering “I love you”
That restored her sense of reality

Those ‘I love you’s filled her
with mechanical rhythm
day and night
That led her to lose her sense of self

She wondered
why wasn’t ‘I love you’ enough
In her struggling psyche
she failed to notice
what he really was

The Proud Gatherers

The Living Poetry – September Visual Prompt

The water-carriers with colourful urns
poised so prettily on their heads
Their figures are upright and elegant
swaying in their bright cheery saris
They are the life force of the barren land

My Happy Place

I used to take long drives to see the ocean
and let the waves saturate me with calmness

I used to hike to the top of the lookout
and let the sunrise bathe me in hope

I used to cuddle a soft pillow to sleep
and let the dreams tell me the future

I fell into your arms
where all my desires were sated
where my heart was nestled in
my happy place


She loves working in the shelter
where she welcomes injured creatures in
and nurses them back to health

She hates sending them back to the wild
or having to give them up for adoption

But she must let them go
and go home to her love ones
whom she receives care and be rejuvenated
to care for the wounded lives
when the sun rises again

Fail Love Recipe

The Six Sentence Story – Twist

1 year of sweet sugar romance
1 day at a time dilution of love
1 bit of sour taste of lemon
1 lot of sweeten venom
2 to 3 years of cold hostility
1 final twist of bitter bile

Writer’s note: The real Lemonade recipe is as below

  • 1 cup white, granulated sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 2 to 3 cups cold water
  • 1 twist of fresh lemon

Autumn Farm

I drew this a few months ago at the beginning of pandemic lockdown. I couldn’t visit the farm to see the Autumn colours. I drew this as a consolation prize for myself.

Drawing by Cassa Bassa

The Missing Rib

My legs grew strong from life’s ebbs and flows
My mind became resilient to the world’s tossing waves
But my breathing had always been labourious
There had always been that void making my heart ache
Untill God sprinkled you on my daydreams
Your presence completed me at last
I am whole because of you, my missing rib

I Did I Do I Will

Did I give it all to all I loved?
I did!
That was the only way I knew how to love.

Do I believe love conquers all?
I do!
That is the only faith I hold fast.

Will I see the triumph of love ?
I will!
This is the only solemn pledge I will make to you.