we could not fathom
the digital world
it is taking over paper
which once was
the greatest invention

I wonder
how did the people
in the ancient world
the magical paper
liberated them from
carrying rolls of bamboo slips
filled with ink

the irony is
we have libraries at
our finger tips
our literacy world
is slowly dying

is this
just like
the many commercial benefits
of bamboo
but afterall
it is considered
a noxious weed

Snow globe

it has been a long week
the nights have been extra trying
without knowing if
his name will be cleared

little Leila has nightmare again
screaming down the duplex
she is racing up the stairs
almost trips over her own slippers

she holds Leila to calm her shakes
kissing her head and humming ‘edelweiss’
her sobs and shakes subside
her eyes are on the squirrel
trapped inside the snow globe

she follows Leila’s gaze
tips the snow globe upside down
the snowflakes flying all over the squirrel

just before she puts it back on the side table
her fingers feel the stickiness
she turns it over again
and sees the crimson edge of the snow globe

it has been a long week
the nights have been extra trying
without knowing if
his name will ever be cleared
now that her suspicion
finds its substance


in my dream
the sky is clear blue
all the clouds fell
and became petals
the golden sun
split it’s rays
into pistils
a field of daisies
dancing like the chime
made of sea shells
swaying like the waves
in my dream
I drowned
in a sea
of daisies


a lone bluebird
glides across the prairie
flapping his vibrant wings
to survey his love

“Touch your lips with a magic kiss
And you’ll be a bluebird too,
And you’ll know what love can do”

will love bring you to me
my northern bluebird
if I walk about in the plains
leaving sparse scent trails
will you land on my shoulder

touch my lips with a magic kiss
and will I be a bluebird too,
and we’ll know what love can do

Blurbird – Paul McCartney

Insider trading

stock market
is a vision investment
with such
intimate insider knowledge
knowing the potential
of the talent
buying in
at your lowest point
nurture the environment
wait in patience
a wholesome harvest

stock market
is a nursery for fraud
with explicit understanding
of the subject
keeping a straight face
in the smoke screen
the flames of investments
while gladly
being an accomplice

Most of us think
insider trading
is outright illegal.

Yet we do it to people
every day.


How many times have you picked up
my suitcase from the airport carousel?
They are exactly the times we spent
our sweet honeymoons.
When they ended, we returned to our independent lives.

People comes and goes like a revolving door.
Not one distracts us from each other
for each journey ends
each planning for another honeymoon starts.

The circle of life manifests in our love
like children enjoy the merry-go-round.


The cold coffee is keeping me company
as I sit watching the waves rolling in.

I am tired of the long nights with
an empty spot accentuated by the cool moon light.

All the heartaches exhausted my fractured mind.
My eye sockets are hollow and brittle
disregard the flirtatious breeze.

I don’t know why I am so chained up
by the past like a submissive slave.
When the master has been long gone,
I keep the pain and torture to preserve

I have been through tubes of smudging mascaras.
Drought became my heart’s desire and daily companion.

My ailing body no longer withstands
the changeable seaside weather.
Fine sand finds its way into
the window of my emptiness.
I cannot tell is it a rock or a precious mineral.

The irritaion imitates the pain to give pleasure.
My eyes well up and my soul returns.