Walk away

don’t pack
another person’s life
into your suitcase
walk away
the most valuable will
to survive

the shell you lived in
was long decayed
with warm toned furniture
fluffy rugs
and distant smiles in
old photographs

don’t think about tomorrow
what you will need
tomorrow takes care of itself
take hold of today
you have lived on
the unattended emotions
the isolation from life
the false hatred of yourself

walk away
you walk away
from ruin
a new vista

#songshare – 28

The Moon Back Then – Faye Wong




作詞:林夕    作曲:李冰

還好我忘了是誰唱 誰唱
還好我沒將它喝完 喝完
誰能告訴我 要有多堅強

你頭髮已經有多長 多長
有甚麼分別 能夠呼吸的

看 當時的月亮
曾經代表誰的心 結果都一樣
看 當時的月亮

誰能告訴我 哪一種信仰

回頭看 當時的月亮
曾經代表誰的心 結果都一樣
看 當時的月亮

回頭看 當時的月亮
曾經代表誰的心 結果都一樣
看 當時的月亮


How I came to be

I remember
they said I was a misfit child
I remember
they said I was a depressed teenager
I remember
they said I wasn’t beautiful
I remember
they said I was a people pleaser
I remember
what they said did not break me

I know
I am a unique creation
I know
I feel the weight of life and people
I know
I believe wisdom is beautiful
I know
I am quick to forgive
I know
What they said has made me whole

#songshare – 27

Time Together – Michael Franks

Flora, though you sleep
On our guru’s lap now
All we see everywhere is you
As we recall our time together
Lucky is how we felt
The day we found you
And we were such a happy three
O how we loved our time together
Why must the Present
Turn to Past so fast?
The disappearing Now
I wish I had a golden bough
To bring you back somehow
Someday when all our hearts
Are reassembled
Love will connect us once again
And we’ll resume our time together


I love blues and greens
and the nudes in between.
The blue sky and the green hills
make everything in between neutral.
My eyes are too satisfied to notice
all the colourful butterflies.
Maybe I am just as simple minded
as the heaven and earth on grand display.

Are we that foolish?

Wouldn’t it be easier to love than to hate?
Why do we spend so much energy and amount to self destruction?
Hate eats us up from inside out.

Wouldn’t it be better to forgive and let go?
Who will take notice of our sourness other than our own taste?
Unforgiveness tastes as bitter as hell.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to give the power to the Judge?
What do we hope to achieve by staining our own hands with blood?
Judgement exposes us to the most harsh sentence.

Do we really desire to be hatful, unforgiving or judgemental?
Don’t we all know these are steep hills for the fools?

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is a “Harvest festival” celebrated notably by the Chinese and other Asian countries. It falls on 15th day of the 8th lunar month each year which is on 13th September in 2019. It is the second biggest traditional Chinese festival besides the Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year).

Growing up, the Mid-Autumn Festival was my favourite celebration. As kids, we made lanterns, lit them up and roamed the streets with them. We also played firecrackers and fireworks in small scale, which is no longer allowed due to the fire safety restriction.

There were always fresh seasonal fruits including starfruit, grapefruit, longans, watermelons and bananas. Fresh taros boiled in salt water made my mouth watering. Mooncakes are the indispensable delicacy which are generally made using lotus seed paste, red bean paste or nut mix filling the crust.

Family members would sit outdoor with the spread of fruits, taros, mooncakes and teas to appreciate the full moon on display while chatting away everything but nothing. We children were usually allowed to stay up to midnight as an exception.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion, sharing special food and celebrate good times. I love those times as I was brought up in a four generation big family in a close knit community. I got to hang out with kids on the street and listen to adults sharing stories from home and afar.

Last night I looked at the moon in a land that is foreign and distant to those memories. I still smiled and those memories were like yesterday’s, when in reality they were decades ago.