Every word
I wanted to say
to you
I said them
into the hole
I dugged
in the garden

I buried
all hope
deep inside
as a seed
Watered it
with patience

No matter
we will be
will bear witness
to the fruit
of our

Behind Closed Doors

Say all the words
you need
to keep us tied
Silence is
a pair of

Tangle me
with your love
to keep
the door
Hatred is
a knot
the light

#songshare – Love Is A Losing Game

Love Is A Losing Game – Amy Winehouse

For you, I was a flame
Love is a losing game
Five-storey fire as you came
Love is a losing game
One I wish I never played
Oh, what a mess we made
And now, the final frame
Love is a losing game
Played out by the band
Love is a losing hand
More than I could stand
Love is a losing hand
Self-professed, profound
‘Til the chips were down
Know you’re a gambling man
Love is a losing hand
Though I battle blind
Love is a fate resigned
Memories mar my mind
Love, it is a fate resigned
Over futile odds
And laughed at by the gods
And now the final frame
Love is a losing game

The Effervescent Bunch

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Effectvescent

We are the middle aged youth who are energetic and effervescent.
We take life’s crisis head-on without whinging or whining.
We have enough discernment to choose which battle to fight.
We see wisdom in both the young and the old.
We learned to count our blessings than troubles.
We taste the goodness of life in the most ordinary way.

Fragmented Mind

To create
is to be in touch
with authentic self

Dissociation chokes creativity
instead, it births characters
through fantasy for survival

Seashell Sadness

You sent me a seashell
wrapped in bubbles
with a note saying

“When you miss me
hold it close
to play one of
the love notes
I wrote you
buried in white sand
where I sat each day
by the ocean
calling out your name”

I left the seashell
on my bookshelf
next to the books
you sent me
two summers ago

I am becoming
a hobby collector
who accumulates
broken promises
and empty dreams

I diligently dust
any remnant of hope
off the shelf
like a devoted nun
at her daily supplication
while your consistent contacts
constructed an abbey
holding my heart
in hostage


This acrostic poem is written based on Lucy’s word prompt – undergised (under energised, lack of energy)

Unbutton my head to expose to the light where
Nimbus clouds of anguish once coiled inside
Days of spiritual warfare hollowed my appetite
Energy was sapped like a deflated balloon
Ringing in my ears was the Accuser’s lies
Gossip, slander, backbiting, backstabbing
Inundated by relentless constant assault
Sour memories poured out in putrid spews
End time was no longer a pure distant theory
Destruction came from the evil resided in my mind


Hey, I want to talk with you about something.

Ok, am I in trouble?

No. Just something I am feeling and going through lately.

Alright. You want a hug or something?

I am ok for now. I feel you don’t show me you love me like you used to.

What do you mean? You are the most important person in my life.

I’ll give you some examples…(examples given)

What do you mean? You know I love you! That goes without saying.

It’s not what you said or not said. It’s your action, lack of action for a better word. I feel unloved. And I can’t work out why I know you love me but I don’t feel you love me. There’s this big descrepency.

What? You wanna be rid of me? It sounds like you are picking on me.

I want us to discuss and work through this because I love you and I want us to work out.

All I know is that you are finding fault with me. I love you. I just love you. I can’t believe that you question that.

I am not questioning. I am sharing with you how I feel. (It’s about me, not you.)

I am upset that you accused me of not acting like I love you. I think about you 24/7. Everything I do, I do for us, for our future. I can’t believe that you questioned me.

(sobbing inside)…I don’t know. That wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to talk with you like adults without damaging our relationship.

There is not much to talk about. You either love me or not. I love you and that’s a fact.

I know you love me. But that’s not what I was confused about.

What are you confusing about then? I am not rich enough to send you flowers? I am not a successful man whom you are proud of? I am not a weak man who is afraid to stand up to you?

(Tears rolling down cheeks)I don’t know. I don’t feel very well right now. I gotta go…