It’s Not Meant to Be

We don’t need much encouragement to ignite a thousand fireflies.
Talking about the weather is our way to keep the ambience lukewarm.
People talk about chemistry or destiny.
Though we both know that it’s the knowing which only dreamers know; the touching which only lovers fathom.

We don’t need much encouragement to spread a wild fire.
Being silent is what we can master to mask the need.
People talk about soul mates or twin flames.
For us, it’s just two people happily know each other but never feel the need to meet.

We don’t need much encouragement to burn up heaven.
Leaving without saying goodbye is the only way that we survive from each other.
People talk about love and affair.
We know too well that we choose neither.

So it’s just like we said it would be, forever perfectly perfect.

Summer Evenimg

Manly Wharf, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Cassa Bassa

I prefer
to catch the later ferry

I want my day ends
with this magenta glow
and jazz playing
from the floating bar

The summer breeze teases
the retiring travellers
to release a burst of energy

The bar is soon filled with
tanned legs
burned shoulders
and nauseating perfumes
mixed with salty sweat

I prefer
to stroll along the beach
in the quiet
and watch the purple sky
bruising into

Manly beach, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Cassa Bassa

Our Time

We live in
an individualistic era
of the contemporary world

We idolise self
ME Bank
more me
super dose of

we are in identity crisis

We neither know
who we are
or why we are
who we are

We constantly
think about
to be
or not to be

Everything is about
mind and mood
Everybody needs
a psychologist

We are shut out
of the world
that we so desperately
want to
and need to
belong to

The continue blurring
of moral codes
and exaggerating need
for individual rights

We are destined to
self destructions
The question is


I’d have loved a plantation of bamboo
to shield me from the rough weather
and chaos of the world
But I’m content with a little blue clump
shooting up narrow leaves on skinny legs

A cup of tea
a good book
for great company
Life is full

I named this Himalayan Weeping Bamboo, also known as Blue Bamboo ‘Manzu’ 满足 (means being content)

The Decline of Loneliness

This poem is dedicated to readers who are feeling lonely, depressed and hopeless. You have strength left in you to reach out, to dial the number and say ‘I’m not ok’.

the crowded room
is suffocating
comprehension of conversation
is fading
avoiding eye contcact
diminishing in chatter
and laughter

party is over
shut the door
make myself small
curl up in a ball

sleep is not coming
live life vicariously
through social feeds
play some music
read some poetry
fighting loneliness

the morning sun
is way too bright
red eyed
sallow skin
coffee tastes bland
not hungry
lack of will
to face the day

should check the mailbox
someone may wave
and says Hi
it’s so worth getting up
step out
to see
feel again

the door is locked
two metres is too far away
my will is too short-lived
rescue is too distant

drowning further down
into the whirlpool
of nothingness
on Boxing Day

The Truth Lost in the Mad Season

calls to Lifeline
during Christmas
dramatically increased
One in three people reported
that they were lonely

We tend to
think about Christmas
as gift giving
family gathering
holiday planning
What if
you are all alone
and get fed these lies

What if
no one has told you
that Christmas is not
just about a saviour was born
because a lonely person thinks
so what that Jesus’ born

What if
someone tells you
that God so loved us
He sent His beloved Son
to earth
born and raised
in human form
Jesus lived among humans
and suffered a terrible death
for crimes He didn’t commit
to exchange for
things we did wrong
people we hurt
for a fresh start
for all of us
even the really bad guys

Christmas is about hope
the hope of
a life long friendship
with Jesus
the hope for
a fresh start
the hope of
being immensely loved
by God

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