Me and the shrub

I was walking aimlessly and contently
knowing the truth of timing

I spotted a native wilted shrub
I love them for they are scruffy and hardy
I stopped, looking up the sky and asked for rain

The next day, I woke up smiling at the drops
left on my window pane

I was walking towards the shrub intently
knowing the truth of prayer

I squatted down to check on its trunk and crown
with satisfaction they are still bendy but supple
I stood up, looking up the sky and gave thanks

The next day, I woke up smiling as my heart
filled with warmth

I was walking towards the shrub with excitement
knowing the truth of reaping

I skipped down the path to match my anticipation
from distance it greeted me with full bloom
My heart fluttered, looking up the sky and murmuring ‘I have found it!’

Summer storm

the sun is pure heat and the air is thick
my breathing is laden
sweat like honey dripping out the comb
except it’s sour and salt and vinaigrette

lying underneath the oak tree
the still air brings no relief
the leaves are like an over woven fish net
pressing down slowly to scoop me up
the creepy fear descending on me

then a blistering light broke my fear
following by a whip crackling
my pleated skirt and hair flying off
I feel the fat raindrops sizzling on my skin

the orchestra is playing louder and louder now
it’s only fitting to dance to its magnificence
running wild barefoot on the wet mossy grass
carrying the weight of drapey clothes and hair
‘freedom! freedom!’ is all the lyrics I utter

A man in Ben Hogan cap

I take shelter in the Ben Hogan

He keeps me warm and stylish

Fending me from the early chirps’ dropping

My tash loves him and desires a pipe mistress

Yet, I will be just happy with a bowtie

Com’om mystery, poetry and crime

I’m ready in the Ben Hogan armour


let the music fall on my vacated mind

let memory flood through my being
your puppy eyes and a soft smile

let the film play each of your faces
just how I remember them
invading me with your every touch, every word and every heatbeat you stirred in me

there was so much more than the music you shared with me

let my tears fall in this vacant space
bits and pieces of you fill my heart


My love
When I search you in the dark
Your lips are on mine
The sprinkle of your kisses
Like dewdrops quenching my thirst
I quiver to drink you in
My heart flutters to bloom
Softly softly I’m opening up to you
My love
Your heat warms me up
Wrapping me in flasket
I gently illuminate
Seeping through your blood streams
Your inferno melts me in spiral
Until we disintegrate into one

She is meant 4 him

she walked in his shack and smiled
he sensed calm before he lifted his eyes onto her

she held his head to her bosom
his headache peeled off in red and white petals

she torn open the curtains and let the light in
his chest expanded inhaling lavenders in sundust

she kissed him in droplets
he sank into a bliss of sweet aroma


when life treating you unkind
let it be

like leaves in the river
hope and disappointment drifting all in one
if you will it will
let it be rotten and spurge again
the regrowth in nature’s hand
let it be

when love giving you pain
let it be

like candle wax dripping losing its form
if you will it will
let it be lost and rebuilt again
the clay in the potter’s hand
let it be

when the world giving you silence
let it be

like a performer on an empty stage
if you will it will
let the clapping be mute and loud again
the art in the creator’s hand
let it be

Broken dreams

wirey eyebrows
jaundice eyes
downward mouth
callus hands
hunched back
bukled knees
worn shoes
portrait of a grumpy old man

velvet hair
button nose
dimple cheeks
chubby arms
round belly
cutesy feet
giggling laughter
picture of a happy boy

what happened in between?
is time the only tyrant?

the bruises on his mother
inflicted upon by his father
she ran for her life
he was left sobbing
in grandma’s arms

a new mother came
the family growing
leader in the pack
took all the beatings
motherless and wounded

dreamt to be a pilot
flying away from all the pain
freedom on the horizon
stringent exams green light to go
ecstatically ready

the Red party shattered his dream
‘your father is a National’
‘your mother is a runaway wife’
‘the party needs you to reform’
‘you are going to till the ground’

10 years of cultural revolution
dirt, leeches and buffalo manure
10 years of youth, poof
in rice field landscape
bamboo forest by the stream and waterfall

a boy’s broken dreams
after hard day of work
let out in the smoke pipe
evaporised in the mountains
echoed amidst the dejected souls

– dedicated to my father


in snowy days
I will hibernate in your arms
let cobwebs grow on my hair
let raven bring us food
nesting nesting

when Spring comes
I will wake up in your arms
let crisp cut grass infuse our nostrils
let fresh blooms send us pollen
achoo! achoo!

in summer haze
I will dance in your arms
let sweat bubble on our foreheads
let music bring us joy
shuffling shuffling

when Fall arrives
I will collapse into your arms
let the burning colours scorch our lips
let leaves cover our passion
flying flying



remember how much we were in love
we wrote each other love poems like petals
letters like bouquets

remember how inseperable we were
my fingers still carrying scars from the thousand origamis I made for you
in lieu of the time you were away

remember how sad we were
when we said our goodbye
a heart broken into two

remember how much we missed each other
I filled the ocean with tears thinking of you
you followed the dictionary to explain every word of me

remember how much we hated each other
I burned all our memories into ashes
you self punished with a marriage you’ve never wanted

remember how we wanted to tell our story
to the grand children we’ve never met
here I tell the story before our memories fade