The little things

everything is in the little things
the divine appointed coincidences
the forever extended list of similarities
the yin-yang balance in harmony

everything is in the little things
the light-hearted chatting
the effortless sharing
a life together like breathing

everything is in the little things
faithful and loyal stewards
entrusted with immense blessings
infecious smile brightens a cloudy day


I am a zen temple
serene and spiritual
open myself for fervent worshipers

who would think
you brought a pry bar
to remove nails
which you thought are
bonding me in concrete
I trusted you to make me whole
but not to break me

who would know
you two used chisels
to carve my perfect form
into damaged sculpture
I am your flesh and blood
I have mistaken your love
to be unconditional

who would foresee
a zen temple
demolished by trusted followers
in the name of
self righteousness

Mood heels


9 inch stilettos
another breakup life sucks

7 inch peep-toe pumps
retifying the fucked up project

5 inch cutout heels
after 5 drinks for a better tomorrow

3 inch wedges
weekend beach cafe stroll

Ballerina flats
I am human again