Broken dreams

wirey eyebrows
jaundice eyes
downward mouth
callus hands
hunched back
bukled knees
worn shoes
portrait of a grumpy old man

velvet hair
button nose
dimple cheeks
chubby arms
round belly
cutesy feet
giggling laughter
picture of a happy boy

what happened in between?
is time the only tyrant?

the bruises on his mother
inflicted upon by his father
she ran for her life
he was left sobbing
in grandma’s arms

a new mother came
the family growing
leader in the pack
took all the beatings
motherless and wounded

dreamt to be a pilot
flying away from all the pain
freedom on the horizon
stringent exams green light to go
ecstatically ready

the Red party shattered his dream
‘your father is a National’
‘your mother is a runaway wife’
‘the party needs you to reform’
‘you are going to till the ground’

10 years of cultural revolution
dirt, leeches and buffalo manure
10 years of youth, poof
in rice field landscape
bamboo forest by the stream and waterfall

a boy’s broken dreams
after hard day of work
let out in the smoke pipe
evaporised in the mountains
echoed amidst the dejected souls

– dedicated to my father


in snowy days
I will hibernate in your arms
let cobwebs grow on my hair
let raven bring us food
nesting nesting

when Spring comes
I will wake up in your arms
let crisp cut grass infuse our nostrils
let fresh blooms send us pollen
achoo! achoo!

in summer haze
I will dance in your arms
let sweat bubble on our foreheads
let music bring us joy
shuffling shuffling

when Fall arrives
I will collapse into your arms
let the burning colours scorch our lips
let leaves cover our passion
flying flying



remember how much we were in love
we wrote each other love poems like petals
letters like bouquets

remember how inseperable we were
my fingers still carrying scars from the thousand origamis I made for you
in lieu of the time you were away

remember how sad we were
when we said our goodbye
a heart broken into two

remember how much we missed each other
I filled the ocean with tears thinking of you
you followed the dictionary to explain every word of me

remember how much we hated each other
I burned all our memories into ashes
you self punished with a marriage you’ve never wanted

remember how we wanted to tell our story
to the grand children we’ve never met
here I tell the story before our memories fade


I heard your last words
my heart is like a scatty cat
leaping to find
her tail got caught in the
propeller of the
exhaust pipe of
your moving heart

Ebb n flow (pm)

tick tock hurry
kitty catty
tea time buddy
no care no worries
kneading crochet blanket
yes master
your servant is ready

street empty
deafening quiet
not a soul wandering
chapter 5 is waiting
reading or tapping
why don’t I just fold it
to a nap time sanctuary

droopy eyelids
fluttering moth
into a world of slumbering
desert ploughing
mana catching
crispy lips searching dewdrops
for surviving

lips bleeding
stop scrubbing
hot and bothered painstaking
then the thundering
fitfully awaken
it’s kitty purring

oh my!
neighbour’s cooking
woofing down kiddies’ laughter
winking to my walls
mate we’ve got this
dinner table for 1
windy pops and ceiling stares

the door chimes ringing
who can it be now
the evening glow edging in
table for 2
rosemary lamp chops
tomato basil relish
no spirit no wine

to the sobering mind
dance with 4 walls watching
sing with kitty listening
love as hurt never left
the black velvet cape
dragging across the empty room

Ebb n flow (am)

chatty birds
sleeps taut eyes
fairy floss head
stale breath
sand paper throat
cocoon in toasty warm bed
avoidance of the day

flapping eyelids
playing toesies
pouty lips
balloony bladder
shuffling limbs
chilly day

seedy bread
buttering the sky
cinnamon coffee
pull me into the light
the sun is shining
gotta start the day

stewing in nothingness
a hair past a freckle
the heat itching my skin
vacuum, laundry, washingup
all for a sweaty body
sinking in the tub

blowing bubbles
muffle sound
the world is calm
hiding has its limit
fading is long suffering
so as life

The Nyx riddle


the clock strikes midnight
the ghost shuus
the cat stretches
the shadow falls behind
I am the goddess of the night