I am yours

I have written this lyrics and kept searching for someone to inject music to make it a trap or indie pop song. It is like two pieces of puzzles and I am only holding one of the them.


When the night falls…she wakes electrifying
Waiting for her master’s calling
No name no pain this game, or is it a game? Is it a game?
When all chains, shackles, silk, feathers and leather…. Pleasure intense that’s what she is after…woo oo oo oo
When the sun comes out…
she’s walking zig zag…zig zag……
cos she had a wild night with her prince…she’s walking zig zag..zig zag….
……oh oh oh as mad as it sounds….
he owns her….he owns her…in total surrender.




Yes people did us wrong.

If we hold on to the bitterness, resentment, being unforgiving,

It destroys us inside out,

not the offenders got destroyed.

Set ourselves free…

and we can!

The Crime Hierarchy

the rambunctious head of the household
submissive yet overbearing advocate
dependents running wild
in the confine of farming life

leather face old man that hunts with a rifle
she runs over little lambs for feast
children grew up witnessing these normalities

one of the children
was convicted of second degree murder
the noise of the struggle
screaming, screeching, pleading
he had to bring them to silence

when you apply the transitive logic
it all makes sense

Innate Sense

the modern labelled beauty
is far fetched from
the ancient admiration

visitation of historically
breathtaking iconic beauty
Aphrodite of Knidos
brings comfort to
my inadequate sense
of self image

I confess
I was sucked into
the velocity of
barbie fashion
while completely neglected
the natural God given
sense of appreciation

let’s cheer again
for her multifaceted

Praxiteles – statue of Aphrodite Knidos

Molecules of Blues

leaning my head
to the train window
staring at the train tracks
how mundane and
heading nowhere
it seems

daydreaming about the ocean
warm sun
salty mist
dancing on my cheeks
just enough to disperse
the molecules of blues

Breath of life

Let’s celebrate today
for the kindness
we showed to self
and another
breathing thing

we received
the gift of breath
like the past each day
for that
we shall celebrate

When the day
it makes no return
we know
we have done
all we could to
the breath of

and no one
can say
we are a failure
we lived our lives
to the fullness
of grace


I always thought
penguins are fish
fish swim
don’t they

I found out
penguins are birds

distort reality

I become more careful
judging people
by their behaviours