Shadow box

I moved country, continent, hemisphere
I fit my life into a suitcase
I came naked
I will go naked
It is one suitcase too much

memory fades
happy or sad
we live momentarily
eventually memory loss

what do I hold dearly
will I recognise
the you and me once been
in the shadowbox
chained around my neck

the picture will be so blur
in my failing mind
the shadow box will be so worn out
by the fiddle of my fingers
you perhaps will be long gone
with my smile imprinted to
your soul


she is an apothecary
in the mordern day
weighing and mixing herbs
recommending manufactured medicines
checking blood pressure and temperature
assisting in home birth

she is
a business woman
a chemist
a homeopath
a nutritionist
a midwife

the village people
warmly call her
she is the only one
in this remote area
surrounded by
bamboo bush and pandas


I live with
a house full of children.

They look at me
as I am the pack leader.

I am a submissive
peace loving loner
struggling to keep my sanity
in this turbulent sea.


we could not fathom
the digital world
it is taking over paper
which once was
the greatest invention

I wonder
how did the people
in the ancient world
the magical paper
liberated them from
carrying rolls of bamboo slips
filled with ink

the irony is
we have libraries at
our finger tips
our literacy world
is slowly dying

is this
just like
the many commercial benefits
of bamboo
but afterall
it is considered
a noxious weed

Snow globe

it has been a long week
the nights have been extra trying
without knowing if
his name will be cleared

little Leila has nightmare again
screaming down the duplex
she is racing up the stairs
almost trips over her own slippers

she holds Leila to calm her shakes
kissing her head and humming ‘edelweiss’
her sobs and shakes subside
her eyes are on the squirrel
trapped inside the snow globe

she follows Leila’s gaze
tips the snow globe upside down
the snowflakes flying all over the squirrel

just before she puts it back on the side table
her fingers feel the stickiness
she turns it over again
and sees the crimson edge of the snow globe

it has been a long week
the nights have been extra trying
without knowing if
his name will ever be cleared
now that her suspicion
finds its substance