Have I told you

Have I told you today I love you?
Have I told you today I honour you?
Like the rain to the garden
Like the flower to the sun

Have I told you lately how much I love you?
Have I told you lately how much you mean to me?
Like my heart lives on after skipping beats permanently in your presence
Like the life source enabling me to experience everything buoyant

Have I told you?
Have I told you…


“You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.”
– Mark Ruffalo


I accumulated songs spanning across decades to a Cassa’s Faves Spotify playlist. They are songs with lyrics touched my heart. Other than that, I had not done any analysis on the playlist until I came across the Mark Ruffalo quote “You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist”.

We are who we are both in the sun and in the shadow.

My professional life requires me to be a people person who is supportive, accountable to my work, respecting others and acting with integrity. So I seem to be a real positive person who is full of hope. I will say this is me in the sun.

My playlist is me in the shadow. I am filled with regrets, sadness, missed chances, broken promises and disappointments. When I listen to my playlist, every bit of me mesmerised in the melodies, transfixed in the lyrics, living out my shadow in the open air. They take me to places where I allow the pain to surface, rise and fall, ebb and flow into the inner chamber of my heart so very ever scarred.

I allow my heart to mist my dark eyes, to rain on my soul, to darken my days. The long nights is my companion, the daybreak is my watching angel and the first ray of the sun is my knight.

I am me in the sun and in the shadow in one breath.

When nothings become extraordinary

( photo from Outlander by Nikki Pierce )

two fallen leaves
floating along the main stream
no care no longing
just drifting

tangle and ride the current together
they make it to land
where they compost and regenerate again
in new season

companion growth
french lavender
ornamental kale
bouquet of happiness

A match made in heaven

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Rachel David


I see all of you
I love all of you

You know all of me
You love all of me

Our vulnerabilities bring strength
Our honesty produces understanding

Your affection springs trust and confidence
I honour your courage and altruism

Your contentment proceeds patience and self control
I am gracious for your loyalty and commitment

Your appreciation for my wisdom
I faithfully be your helper

All is what we have
All is what we share

All is you and me
All is so perfect

Pizlish – Word Invention


  1. the language of mix English in particular referring to pronunciation. It came from Pizza-English, commonly used in Australia. ‘Instead of speaking Chinglish, I speak Pizlish after 20 years living downunder.’
  2. it implies the person speaking Pizlish is someone with poor pronunciation and it can sound funny to the native English speaking people. ‘I can barely understand her Pizlish.’
  3. it is an endearing way to describe someone’s English accent is adorable and cute. ‘When she speaks Pizlish, my heart melts.’